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Hamburger Press and Round Meatball Shaping Machine AHS 10


For Hamburger Meatball Shaping; Round Meatball Press Hamburger Shaping Machine


Hamburger meatball machine weight 4.250 kg
Height in closed position 22 cm
Height in open position 30 cm (to get the shaped meatball while in up position)
Hamburger meatball machine width 14 cm
Hamburger meatball machine depth 22 cm


Meatball machine’s sizes don’t include arm and press leg.
Maximum meatball diameter it can press is 10 cm
Complete casted iron body
In the hamburger meatball shaping machine, made from stainless steel, pressed meatball lifting tray
In the hamburger meatball shaping machine, made from stainless steel; meatball pressure pool

Hamburger meatball shaping machine stays strong with its caoutchouc feet, provides ease
In the  hamburger meatball shaping machine, ergonomic and durable design,


Hamburger meatball shaping machine is Under 2 year guarantee (This valid inside the borders of Turkey-For mass sales made abroad, replacement parts are given with no fee.)
15 year replacement part stock guarantee. (Charged with service fee)
English Information Call Center 00-90-534-553-3-592
Turkish Call 00-90-212-237-0-749


Meatball machine usage type; You get the mince and make it into ball form with your hand, lift the arm of the machine( press slides to the side as the head moves up for you to work comfortably), you put nylon or greased paper into the pressure pool and on it you put the meat which you’ve made into ball form and you press the mince with the arm to the downside ( Although you press more, the machine won’t press anymore if it has reached the ideal mince thickness), while lifting the arm up, our hamburger press will move up so that you can get the pressed meatball easily…


That’s it your shaped meatball are ready to be fried. If you plan to fry the meatball later, please don’t forget to put nylon or greased paper as long as their length…You can call 0212 2370749


Note: Our firm, because of constant product developments, keep its right to change the features, shape, technical changes on the hamburger meatball shaping machine.


If you have a similar hamburger press hamburger shaper and it is out of order Click to Call Technical Service or Dial 0212 2370759


With the hamburger shaping machine you prepare proper round hamburger meatball. Pressure pool and lifting tray are made from plate, Hamburger presser head is from eloksal aluminum casted material, body is casted with electrostatic paint. It presses the hamburger mince that you’ve made into ball form properly, it provides very cool and esthetic outlook in your presentations, it presses the meatball equally and prevents loss. Thus you get completely what you’ve paid for. Aksan hamburger machine’s biggest feature is that it is very simple and comfortable to use. Call for the hamburger meatball shaping machine 0212 2370749

ay Ocagi ay Makinasi Su Sebili Satisi 0212 2370749 - Serbetlik Ayranlik Endstriyel Mutfak Proje Sanayi Mutfagi Kurma Paslanmaz elik rnler Bulasik Makinasi ay Kazani 0212 2370759

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