Cay Ocagi Cay Makinasi Su Sebili Satisi 0212 2370749 - Serbetlik Ayranlik Endustriyel Mutfak Proje Sanayi Mutfagi Kurma Paslanmaz Celik Urunler Bulasik Makinasi Cay Kazani 0212 2370759

Patates Soyma Makinas─▒ Filtreli

Filtreli Patates Soyma Makinas─▒

Filtreli Patates Soyma Makinas─▒ PS.08-F:Sanayi tipi patates kabu─ču makinas─▒ modellerinden olan bu tek seferde 20 kg patates kabu─ču soyma kapasiteli filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ haricinde farkl─▒ model filtreli patates soyma makinalar─▒ i├žin de – Filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ sat─▒┼č─▒

Haz─▒rl─▒k Yard─▒mc─▒ Ara├žlar/Patates Soyma Makinalar─▒

Filtreli Patates Soyma Makinas─▒ Fiyatlar─▒-Filtreli Patates Soyma Makinas─▒ Toptan Fiyat Listesi; Filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ dayan─▒kl─▒ filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ profesyonel filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ fiyat─▒ kaliteli filtreli patates soyma

* ├ľl├ž├╝ler: 520x833x1368 mm – Filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ sat─▒┼č─▒
* A─č─▒rl─▒k: 60 kg
* Net m3: 0.57
* Kapasite: 20 kg
* 380 V ile ├žal─▒┼čmaktad─▒r – Filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ sat─▒┼č─▒
* Paslanmaz ├želik g├Âvde


filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒,patates soyma makinas─▒,end├╝striyel patates soyma makinas─▒,sanayi tipi patates soyma makinas─▒,patates soyucu,end├╝striyel patates soyucu,filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ fiyatlar─▒,filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ teknik ┼čartnamesi,filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ modelleri,filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ imalat├ž─▒lar─▒,filtreli patates soyma makinas─▒ fabrikas─▒,

Maydanoz Domates Par├žalama B├Ârek ─░├ži Haz─▒rlama Makinas─▒ B─▒├ža─č─▒

S├╝per Mikser So─čan Do─črama Makinas─▒ B─▒├ža─č─▒

S├╝per Mikser So─čan Do─črama Makinas─▒ B─▒├ža─č─▒

S├╝per Mikser So─čan Do─črama Makinas─▒ B─▒├ža─č─▒ SM-101-B :Sm 101 so─čan par├žalay─▒c─▒lar─▒ i├žin profesyonel s├╝per mikser so─čan do─črama makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ fiyatlar─▒ s├╝per mikser sm101 so─čan do─črama makinalar─▒nda kullan─▒ma uygun kaliteli ekonomik s├╝per mikser so─čan do─črama makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ modelleri i├žin end├╝striyel so─čan do─črama makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ yedek so─čan do─črama makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ k├Ârelmi┼č maydanoz par├žalama makinelerinde kullan─▒lan maydanoz kesme makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ fiyat─▒ ├Âzellikleri tamiri lahmacun i├ži haz─▒rlama makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ bak─▒m─▒ temizli─či nas─▒l yap─▒l─▒r s├╝per mikser sm101 so─čan do─črama makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ nas─▒l s├Âk├╝l├╝r tak─▒l─▒r de─či┼čtirilir telefon

Aksesuar ve Yedekpar├žalar/Makina Yedek Par├žalar─▒/So─čan Do─črama Makinas─▒ Par├žalar─▒

S├╝per Mikser So─čan Do─črama Makinas─▒ B─▒├ža─č─▒ Modelleri-Sm101 So─čan Do─črama Makinas─▒ B─▒├ža─č─▒ Fiyatlar─▒;S├╝per mikser so─čan maydanoz  makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ kaliteli so─čan do─črama makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ par├žas─▒ imalat─▒ dayan─▒kl─▒ so─čan do─črama makinas─▒ b─▒├ža─č─▒ par├žalar─▒ fiyat─▒

Sausage Sandwich Heating Machine Hot Dog Sandwich Heater AEI3

Sausage Bread Sandwich Heating Machine Hot Dog Sandwich Heater AEI3


With 3 Stakes Hot Dog Sausage Bread Heating Machine Boiled Sausage Bread Heater


Sausage Sandwich Heater Width 300 mm
Sausage Sandwich Heater Depth 380 mm
Sausage Sandwich Heater Height 300 mm
Sandwich heating machine working voltage 220 V/ 50 Hz
Sandwich heatersÔÇÖ total spent power 0.75 Kw
Sausage sandwich heating machine weight 6 Kg

This sandwich heater with stainless steel body is a hygienic product with class outlook,
Bread stakes are commanded with the adjustable heat thermostat,


English Information Call Center 00-90-534-553-3-592
Turkish Call 00-90-212-237-0-749

It has 15 year replacement parts guarantee (charged with service fee)
Sandwich heating machine is under 2 year guarantee

Note: Aksan, because of constant product developments, keep its right to change the features, shape, technical changes on the Hot Dog Sandwich Heating Machine.


If you have a similar Sandwich Heater and it is out of order to Call Technical Service Dial 0212 2370759


Bread and other product youÔÇÖve heated on the staked hot dog sausage bread heating machine stay hot for a longer time. The heat is fixed for a long time so the sausages and other products inside the heater protect their taste. Moreover; during the heating process; the product wins delicious taste from the beginning in the eyes of your customer, additionally quick service, class outlook and hygiene conditions are provided. Call for the hot dog sausage sandwich machine sale 0212 2370749


With the Sausage Bread Heating Machine Sandwich Heater Machine; You can heat Sausage or alike productsÔÇÖ Sandwich Bread by attaching them to the stakes and later fill the material into the bread youÔÇÖve bought and present it to your customers. Call for the hot dog sandwich heating machine 0212 2370749

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